Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Toppers: Sports Cupcakes

Tuesday Toppers: Sports Cupcakes

With baseball season coming to a close, football season starting in a few days , and basketball season right around the corner, I figured now would be the perfect time to bring these cupcakes out. In our house we favor football, GO COLTS!, but I decided to start with the baseball since the season will be ending next month. Next week i'll be doing the football topper just in time for tailgating season :D. Here's what you will need to make this very simple topper.


-Fondant smoother
-Red food safe marker
-White fondant


-Take a 1" ball of white fondant and flatten just slightly.


-With the fondant smoother at an angle, go around the fondant forming it into a half circle.



-Now for the lines take the red food marker and draw two curved lines.


-And then make the red stitching lines.

baseball cupcake

Now your ready to hit a home run!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Perfect!! I have cupcakes to make for my son's baseball team next month. I know what I'll be using now. Love 'em! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love it!! Thank you!! Can't wait to use them.

  3. Such talent, thank you for sharing your creativity.

  4. I love visiting your blog each week to see what topper you have made. These are so cute! I wish I still had the time for decorating. I should squeeze it in every now and then.

  5. My God! It's hard to eat those, not because they don't look delicious, but because they look so beautiful.