Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hearts a plenty

I made 30 of these for my daughters Valentines day party today. The hearts are very quick to shape and here's what you will need to make them:

- Fondant smoother (or flat bottom of glass)

-red fondant

-Make a ball approximately 1" in diameter and flatten slightly with fondant smoother.

-With leaf veiner make an indent on top of disk.
-Pick up disk and rock leaf veiner back and forth to further indent groove.
-With fingers round off corners a little.
-Pinch bottom together to form a point.
-Use fingers to round off all edges and top cupcakes :).



  1. Great blog with wonderful photos and info! Love these swirled cupcakes. Is it just tinted batter or flavored?

  2. I adore your blog! I really like how you have step by step instructions. I'm a terrible baker, but I love be creative so the thought of getting creative with baking makes me want to do it more! The boyfriend will loooove this!