Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chocolate mint cupcakes

Chocolate mint  cupcakes

Moist chocolate mud cupcakes with creme de menthe infused italian meringue buttercream and topped with a chocolate mint candy. these were FANTASTIC! it was like eating chocolate mint chip ice cream in cupcake form.

I used this recipe for the cupcakes. (edit: unfortunately the recipe has been removed/private and any good chocolate cake recipe will do).

For the italian meringue buttercream, i used the recipe by warren brown of cakelove. He has a great video over on youtube where he shows you exactly how to make it. To make it the creme de menthe, I just added a few drops of lorAnn's creme de menthe oil and a small amount of leaf green and blue gel food coloring.


  1. I am going to make these and put them in gold cups for St. Patrick's day!

    My mouth is watering..... I happen to have andes in front of me!

  2. Sorry - i cant see the recipe...am i missing it?

  3. sorry about that i just didn't have them highlighted, you should be able to see the links now.

    Julie :D

  4. I also try to see the recipe, but it tell me that I am not autorized. Can you help me.
    Thank you

  5. hola amiga me llamo saby y vivo en ecuador , me gusto mucho tu pagina espero poder ser tu amiga aunque no hablo ingles espero traducir tus recetas espero no equivocarme jijiji

  6. http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/23138/chocolate+mud+cupcakes