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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Chicks Cake

This is the cake I made for our Easter celebration today. The Big chick on top as well as the little chicks and the daisies are all made out of my enhanced mmf. I used colored coconut for the grass on the cupcakes and jelly beans as the eggs. I just loved how this cake turned out even though it wasn't exactly how I had planned it.

Hope everyone had a great day!


  1. Great cake!! I love love this idea!!

  2. Very cute! My favorite are those little feet on the big chick!

  3. I love your blog , very cute this little chicks!

  4. you are my favorite. I can't sleep because i must look at your great things. i learn so much... thank you! http://romaniancakesandcupcakes.blogspot.com/