Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday Toppers :Special Edition Easter Bunny

Today i'm giving all of you wonderful readers a special Easter treat and having a special edition of Tuesday toppers. I'm going to show you how to make my Easter Bunny cupcake topper. Now he is one of my more complicated toppers, and a little more time consuming, but he's just so cute that i think he's worth it :D. Here's what you'll need to make him:

-Paint brush and water

-black food coloring marker (or gel food coloring and paint brush)

-Fondant smoother

-White and pink fondant

-Take a 1" ball of fondant and flatten it slightly.

-Take smaller ball of white fondant and make

2-small balls for cheeks

2-smaller balls for eyes

1-small ball for teeth

2- 1 1/4" logs for ears

-Take ball of pink fondant and make

2- 3/4" logs for ears

1- small ball for nose

-For teeth, take small ball and flatten with fondant smoother.

-Cut two of the sides off.

-Using the back of the knife make an indentation in the middle for the teeth mark and set aside.

-For the nose flatten just slightly and set aside.

- For the cheeks take the two bigger balls and flatten them together as shown. Set aside.

-For the eyes, take the two smaller balls and flatten out pretty thin. Set aside.

-For ears take the white and pink logs and flatten then out thinly.

-Stack the pink on top of the white, lining them up at the bottom.

-Flatten them out again.

-Pinch both ears in at bottom as shown.

-Flatten the bottoms out with fondant smoother.

-Attatch both ears to back of face with small amount of water, turn over, and flatten face again with fondant smoother.

-With a very small amount of water, attatch eyes and teeth.

-Do the same with cheeks.

-Attatch nose with small amount of water.

-Take the knife and flatten top of nose slightly.

-Using the markers, make a dot in each eye ( or you can use the gel and paint brush and do the same thing).

-To curl ears up, use the back of paint brush and wrap around gently.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Hi! I received a blog award that I'd like to pass on to you. Also there is a game! Look at my blog for details :)

    I just love your work!! :D

  2. I look foward to your blog all the time especially the Tuesday Toppers !

  3. I love your Tuesday toppers! You do great work.

  4. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing!