Saturday, March 28, 2009

Emily's Bunny Cake

My oldest daughter has been on her spring break this week, so to keep her busy (and myself sane) I planned several projects. One of which was her very first fondant covered cake. We were both very pleased with how it turned out. I think I have a future cake decorator on my hands!

bunny cake

She was very insistant on wanting to do a funfetti cake for some reason, lol, so i went with it and just figured we'd do a from scratch cake on the next go round.

hhh 010

She wanted to look like she was really baking so she splashed powdered sugar on herself.

hhh 009

It was so cute watching her do this because she was so intent on getting it right!

icing the cake
All finished with the crumb coat and into the fridge to set up before the fondant.

icing the cake

She was sooo proud of this bunny rabbit when she finished it.

fondant easter bunny

Maddie had to get in on the action and made a "bunny"on a stick (a piece of spaghetti) and then proceeded to eat its head off.

maddie's "bunny"
It turned out to be a wonderful experience for all of us and I think i've gotten a new cake buddy out of the deal :)


  1. How cute! Isn't cooking great for family bonding!? The rabbit looks great!

  2. Nice cake and what a cute little buddy :)