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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barbie skirt tutorial

In my last post I promised that I would show you how to do the barbie cake I made for my daughters 4th birthday. Unfortunately it looks like I'm only going to be able to show you how to do the skirt part and you will have to use your imagination and my written directions for the bodice. About a month ago I dropped my camera :(. Now it seems as though it is slowly dying on me. More about that later though.

Barbie Cake

First I started out with 4- 6" cakes (yes I know there are only 3, lol, just imagine all of them are there :).

barbie skirt tutorial 1

Cut each layer in half (this isn't necessary I just do it because I like the icing cake ratio), and using a 2" cookie cutter, cut a hole in the center of each layer.

barbie skirt tutorial 2

Now layer the cake and icing being careful to keep the holes in the center lined up.

barbie skirt tutorial 3

Chill the cake for a few hours so it has a chance to firm up and will be easier to carve.

barbie skirt tutorial 4

For the barbie I used a new one so that it could be a gift for the birthday girl afterward. In order to make her food safe you need to wrap her bottom half in plastic wrap before you insert her into the cake. It also helps with cleanup!!

barbie skirt tutorial 5

Place the wrapped doll into the hole of the chilled cake.

barbie skirt tutorial 6

And carefully carve a rounded top for the skirt. I had to add a little bit at the top of the skirt to hide the opening.

barbie skirt tutorial 7

Ice the cake and return to the fridge to chill while you work on the fondant.

barbie skirt tutorial 8

Now on to the skirt.

Roll out your fondant to 1/8" thick and about 6" x 10" rectangle. Then taper one end so it looks like the picture. The reason for this is to create less bulk at the top of the skirt.

barbie skirt tutorial 10

Pleat the fondant piece and pinch at the top.

barbie skirt tutorial 11

Bring cake out of fridge and spray with water or brush with piping gel so fondant will stick. Drape on the first piece and pinch and cut at the waist being careful not to cut too short.

barbie skirt tutorial 9

Wet the first pieces edge and then drape the next piece, overlapping the first piece. Pressing down gently on the seam where the two pieces meet. Continue like this until you go all the way around the dress.

barbie skirt tutorial 12

All the way around, now on to the top.

barbie skirt tutorial 13

This is where my camera ate my pictures, or just decided it didn't like them enough to keep them :P. So for the top I just made a long rectangle that I made a v in the bottom and put it up against the barbie and marked where i needed cut for the top of the bodice. Then I cut a second v for the top. I trimmed the pieces to fit in the back and I was finished. Now you can use this method for the skirt and decorate it any way you want. With buttercreme or fondant and you can use any doll really. There are Disney princess dolls out there that would work great with this method too.

I just had to share this picture with you. It was a picture my sister took at the birthday party and for some reason it just struck me as funny/odd. I'm just glad I chose to make the baptism cake red velvet and not the barbie cake ;)


Happy Caking :D


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking forward someday to getting the chance to make a barbie cake, especially now that I have this tutorial. Thanks again.

  2. thank u for this great tutorial :)

  3. You are very talented! You made this look easy!

  4. Louis Thanyou for this tutorial. But I was wondering about the green scarf and cap that I see among the pictures on the top right side. Is that fondant? If so how did you give them that texture? Can you show a picture of that tool?

  5. thanks for sharing! you're carving is excellent!

  6. this looks fun! i saw the other day at a craft store (AC Moore) that they just had barbie tops, basically barbies without legs! So this would totally work and you wouldn't have to worry about cutting out the middle! Though i'm sure that actually makes cutting pieces of cake easier! Thanks for sharing!

  7. thank you for sharing this amazing tutorial. :D

  8. thank for this great blog
    very nice tips how to make delicious cake

  9. This is possibly the most useful tutorial you've ever done! Thank you soo much for this!! I'm going to make a cake like this, soon :)

  10. My daughter would LOVE this cake for her birthday. Seeing it step by step makes it look not too impossible! =o)


  11. I have come across your blog today and have been completed enthrawed with it. Your tutorials are second-to-none and I am so inspired to go try a few out. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to visiting your blog regularly. You are truely talented. x

  12. Il love your tutorial! It's so difficult to have informations in France! Thank you!

  13. Thanks for posting this wonderful tutorial. It's very useful and well described :-)

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  15. This is a fantastic tutorial, makes me wish I could do a write up on just it, but we specialize in cupcakes! And I have used one of your older pictures in a post that will release on Saturday morning, which is the Pumpkin Pie one, I've linked the photo back to your blog. It is making my mouth water! :)

  16. Ummmmm...Are you ever coming back??

  17. Awesome tutorial!!!! I can't wait to try this out. When will you start posting again? I like your tutorials... You make it all look so easy :)

  18. You have an awesome blog! Love all the fondant tips, I will definitely be coming back again and again :)

  19. WoW! Thats so beautifully made! I never thought barbie cake was this easy though i need a lot of flour to make this one perfect. LOL. Bookmarked it! Thanks for the share!

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  21. WOW! this a great idea. I will definitely try this. Thanks

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  23. Wow,that's great. The cakes looks so delicious. I love it so much. I wish I can have some and I can try that at home. I just hope that my friends will see this also through my comment, I just wanna say hi to them.. Thanks ! Godbless!

  24. I love your blog, everything you teach is beautiful, thanks for the step by step, thank you very much and greetings from Madrid.

    Me encanta tu blog, todo lo que enseñas es precioso, gracias por el paso a paso, muchas gracias y saludos desde Madrid

  25. Thanks for sharing, I love your blog, you made this look so easy!

  26. wow...grazie infinite per questa spiegazione, bravissima!!!
    a presto,

  27. Hola!!
    Maravillosos todos tus trabajos.
    Gracias por compartirlos.
    Te felicito.

    Un saludo.

  28. Amazing indeed! If I had this cake, I would care to eat it. I just love the design, and couldn't resist ending this to waste.

  29. Oh pleeeeease come back! I have been waiting months to see a post from you *sniff* Have pity!

  30. Great idea! Looks beautiful! What a pity you stopped blogging!

  31. how do you pleat the fondant? Do you use your hands or a special tool?

  32. Wow! that was so easy and lovely to watch. Thank you for sharing how to make a barbie cake.

  33. Thank you for the cake shown . How to make the fondant . I wanna learn that .. I m from India ..

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