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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Toppers: Wallace and Gromit Cupcakes

Tuesday Toppers: Wallace and Gromit Cupcakes

Last week I made my dear hubby a Wallace and gromit cake for his birthday, but I did that for him on the weekend. So for his actual birthday I made him some wallace and gromit cupcakes. I just love wallace and gromit so I had so much fun making these! For this weeks topper I decided to show you how to make Shaun. Every morning the hubby and my youngest daughter love to watch the shaun the sheep cartoon together before he goes to work so I thought it would be perfect to show you how to make him! Here's what you will need:


-Fondant smoother
-Ball tool
-Leaf veining tool
-Paintbrush and water
-1" and 1/2" ball of black fondant
-3/4" ball and small amount of white fondant


-On a side note, I recommend doing the white first, otherwise you will end up with some of the black color on your white! Now take the larger ball of white and roll it just a slightly into a log .


-Take the small end of the ball tool and make indentations all over to imitate the wool.


-Take the smaller ball of fondant and make two eyes.


-For the face take the bigger ball of black and roll it into a cylinder with the fondant smoother.



-Take the fondant smoother again and flatten it slightly.


-Pinch one end gently to for the top of the face.


-Using your finger round off the corner of the wider end.


-For the ears roll out the small ball of fondant into a rope about 1/4" thick.


- pull off the two ends and set aside the center piece.


-taper the rough ends.


-Take the leaf veiner and make an line in each ear.


-Curve them slightly. Then take some of the excess black and make very tiny balls for the eyes.


-All of the pieces.


- To attach the ears, use the leaf veiner and make a hole on each side close to the top of the face.


-With a small amount of water attach the top knot and ears.


-Using the small side of the ball tool, make two indents for the eyes close together.



-Place the white balls in the indents you just made and then the black and press very gently to flatten the black out. For the nose, take the leaf veiner and make two indents and the bottom of the face.


Have a baaautiful day everyone :D


  1. Oooh! I love this topper!!! and can't wait to see the rest! :D

  2. Thank you for sharing - I look forward to Tuesdays!!

  3. What a perfect Shaun you made!! The entire cupcake grouping is just wonderful. They are my favorite characters and to see them on a birthday cupcake would make any birthday terrific one!! Just lovely.

  4. Hi ,
    Wow thanks so much these are fab , any chance of you sharing Wallace with use too. Thanks Denise x

  5. Great work. My son walked in and the first thing he said when he saw it was" that is Shaun the Sheep"! He was like mommy he is like his twin lol

  6. I LOVE Wallace & Grommet! These are so cute and fantastic, can't wait to see the rest of the characters!

  7. Awesome - I love these tutorials, you are so talented.

  8. Adorable!

    do you make your own fondant? =D
    Thanks, Nilda

  9. where do you get those tools from? are they availale online? (im from australia)

  10. This topper is super-cute! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Alicakes CupcakeryJuly 22, 2009 at 12:19 PM

    Love your creativity.

  12. That is just too perfect! :D

  13. those are pretty much the cutest, awesomest cupcakes i have ever seen. you're very talented!

  14. Oh, you're such a genius. I love how it turned out! And I really like these two so it makes me love your cupcakes even more. LOL! :D

  15. Thank you so much everyone! Anonymous-yes I do make my own fondant here is the link for the recipe I use http://thefrostedcakencookie.blogspot.com/2009/03/sculpting-marshmallow-fondant-recipe.html. Miss Mellie here is the link where I purchased them http://www.countrykitchensa.com/catalog/product.aspx?T=1&ShopId=38&CatId=527&SubCatId=222&productId=2007. They ship international, but if you have any kind of cake supply store or craft store that stocks cakes supplies near you I'm sure they would carry the sculpting tools. You could even use sculpting tools meant for clay as long as you haven't actually used them on clay before.

    Julie :D

  16. Great tutorial,you are so talented! I just made a Shaun the sheep and your intstructions are excellent. Thanks so much!!! Samantha.