Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Toppers: Spool of Thread

Well when I sat down to make the toppers for my mom's birthday a few months ago I just knew I had to do a sewing theme. Mainly because she co-owns a quilt shop, but also because for as long as I can remember she's had a love (i'm sure my dad at times would say obssession, love ya mom :D ) of sewing and quilting. It was because of her that I too have a love of sewing and probably my deep seeded love of anything arts and crafts really. So one of the obvious choices was a spool of thread, a staple supply of any quilter, and I think it turned out quite cute! Here's what you'll need to make one:


-Rolling pin

-Fondant smoother

-1" cookie cutter

-Paint brush and water

-Leaf veiner (or toothpick)

-Purple (you will actually need two ball, oops, sorry!) and light brown fondant


-Roll brown fondant out to 1/8" and cut out 2-1" discs.


-With small end of leaf veiner (or toothpick) make small holes in center of both discs.



-Take purple fondant and roll into a tube with the help of the fondant smoother.


-Pinch top and bottom edges to help define them more.


-Reroll with fondant smoother.


-Take another piece of purple fondant (not picutred) and roll out about 15" long thin rope (I went a little overboard on my rope, hehe).


-Apply a small amount of water in a line all the way up the tube.


-Start at the bottom and wrap the rope around making sure to keep the next row close to the last.



-When you get to the end leave about 5" and cut off.


-Flip one of the discs over and attatch the thread with a small amount of water. Attatch the top the same way.

I hope you have sew much fun making this :D
(I know i'm horrible, lol)

Don't forget to check in next week when I show you how to make the much anticipated cupcake, cupcake!


  1. Very cute. I recently got myself a clay extruder, this makes very light work of making something like the thread!

  2. Love it! I'm a quilter myself so this is right up my alley.

  3. Those are very cute! I need to start practicing with fondant! DO you ever use gum paste?

  4. These are great! You must have an amazing amount of patience.

  5. i. love. it. adding it to my list of things to do.